Natural roasted coffee
All the quality in each cup

Roasted coffee with all the passion and dedication of our expert roasters.

suprem coffee

The outstanding balance of the mix of freshly roasted Arabica coffees of this variety offer a wrapping cup, with delicate acidity and prolonged flavor, excellent complement to high Horeca.

crema coffee

This coffee stands out for its strong personality and intense flavor. With body and abundant cream, it brings a cup of pronounced aroma and great character. For lovers of stronger coffee, ideal for coffee with milk

expres coffee

The different origins of its blend are perfectly combined to enhance the characteristics of each coffee bean. This cup allows us to enjoy its entire body and strong identity, with a touch of acidity and intense aroma.

dekaf coffee

Decaffeinated coffee is an option for all those coffee lovers who cannot drink caffeine, roasted in a traditional way. Balanced blend of coffees that provide the flavor and aroma of the best coffee.


The Civit latte coffee have a clear mission, to offer you the best quality coffee in a new comfortable and attractive format so you can enjoy your usual coffee wherever you go.

They contain the best Arabic coffee, which gives it a unique flavor and an intense aroma. Made with a great passion and dedication for the enjoyment of the palate of our customers.


Concentrated flavor and texture, the perfect balance for the palate. Ideal to start the day.


In its flavor and texture you can see all the creaminess that characterizes this coffee. The coffee of the dreamers.


Perfect combination of three fundamental ingredients: coffee, milk and cocoa. For the most daring people


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